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Vintage Kilim, Adana (220 x 140 cm)

Original vintage kilims change the atmosphere in a room immediately. They add cosiness to a modern loft with concrete floors as well as they fuse perfectly with a boho-styled apartment. They turn your bathroom into something very special and they shouldn't be missed on your terrace or balcony. You can even use them as a wall hanging as a woven piece of art!

Kilims are no ordinary textiles. They carry culture, tradition, artistry & handicraft. Original Anatolian kilims were hand-woven by nomad or village women many decades ago.

Every kilim symbol, every pattern has its own meaning. Archaic, universal and existing since thousands of years. Old kilims are like woven poems. Telling stories of the tribal life, of desires, wishes and the hopes of wild women. The powerful combination of colors and ancient symbols create a form of energy that is protective and calming, uplifting and rejuvenating.

We select and curate our vintage kilims with lots of care for authenticity and quality and source them in different regions of Anatolia.

All our kilims are cleaned and restored in Turkey professionally and in a natural way.

Origin: Acipayam, West-Anatolia 

Material: 100% hand spun sheep wool

Size: 220 x 140 cm

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