WILD HEART FREE SOUL is specialized in kilims from the 1920-1970s. Kelims are flat woven textiles that are used as carpets, bedspreads, tapestries or cushions.

Kelims are woven poetry. They tell stories of nomadic life, of love and longing. Kelim weaving is a tradition that goes back thousands of years and has always been passed on from mothers to their daughters. The beautiful colour combinations and archaic symbols bring warmth and good energy to any home. Each Wild Heart Free Soul vintage kilim is a unique work of art, hand woven from 100% high quality, hand-spun sheep's wool.

My name is Beyza. I am travelling through Turkey several times a year and select every kilim with great care and love. The subsequent cleaning and restoration is also subject to my high standards of quality, sustainability and fair trade.
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Beyza with one of her weavers in Turkey