Our 911 Kilimization project has been an adventure so far. After months of researching and dreaming about the right car, Karel finally found THE ONE – and ordered it over the internet without seeing it before! I thought that was crazy, but at the same time, it was a relief to finally be able to start our Kilim Porsche project!!

Besides getting the 911 “registered” in Germany (without a data sheet = no registration), the next challenge was to find an upholsterer brave enough to integrate a vintage kilim into the leather seats of our G-Series. Almost ready to travel to Istanbul to get it restored, the universe introduced us to Ferdi, a Turkish-rooted “Sattler” who embraced our Kilim challenge.

18.11. // Finissage Women Behind The Weave Reading THE NOMAD 911 - KILIM PORSCHE PROJEKT 3 minutes

The First Challenge: Registration and Upholstery

The process of getting the 911 registered in Germany was no small feat. Without the necessary paperwork (data sheet), registration was impossible. But the real fun began when we had to find someone capable of merging a vintage kilim with the leather interior of our beloved car. Ferdi turned out to be our savior. With his Turkish heritage and expert craftsmanship, he was perfect for this unique task.

The Second Challenge: Choosing the Right Kilim

Selecting the right kilim was not an easy task. This being our first 911, the kilim had to match the car's spirit — a California import, born in 1984 with faded "Rubin Rot" polish. The kilim also needed to be functional, resistant, and not too itchy. Most importantly, I wanted a personal connection to its region and symbols.

Karel's initial favorite was a long vintage Kars kilim runner from 1961. It was large enough to fit all the seats plus extra material for sun visors and door panels. Also, its colors were a match! However, we ultimately decided against it. Although I love Kars kilims, I feel a stronger connection to those from Antalya, Muğla, Denizli, or Konya provinces. Probably because I traveled to these regions a lot and have (extended) family roots there too.

The Perfect Match: A Kilim from Mut

In the end, we chose an amazing kilim runner from Mut - an original nomadic kilim from the Toros Mountains, crafted from sheep's wool and goat hair and adorned all over with the Elibelinde motif in faded red, apricot, and brown tones. The Elibelinde motif represents the Mother Goddess or Earth Mother, embodying the continuity of life. She symbolically connects the earth, nature, and the spiritual power of creation.

The Nomad: A Journey Continues

When Karel named our ruby-red 911 "THE NOMAD," this Mut kilim seemed to be the perfect match. Ferdi started the "Kilimization" process in his workshop, and we can't wait to travel with THE NOMAD over mountains and along coastlines. And the journey continues…

Stay tuned as we share more about our adventures with THE NOMAD. This project is not just about restoring a car; It's about blending cultures, craftsmanship, and our love for both classic cars and traditional art. #TheNomad #KilimPorsche #Kilim911 #WildHeartFreeSoul