Meditation Rugs

Dive into our collection of meditation rugs, created to make your meditation a special experience. Each carpet is a masterpiece of craftsmanship that accompanies you on the path to inner peace and mindfulness. Made from natural materials such as hand-spun sheep's wool and goat hair, they provide a grounding effect and create a calming atmosphere. Ideal for beginners and experienced meditators, these rugs provide the perfect place for your daily practice of silence and reflection. Experience how they enrich your meditation and create a personal retreat in your home.


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Vintage kilim Adana 130x85cm
Sale price750 €
Vintage kilim Kars 115x72cm
Sale price680 €
Vintage Kilim Afyon 132x127
Sale price650 €
AFYON vintage kilim 176x134cm
Sale price1.190 €
Vintage Kilim Barak 120x70cm
Sale price580 €
Vintage Kilim Barak 130x93cm
Sale price750 €
Vintage Kilim Barak 120x80cm
Sale price750 €
Vintage Kilim Barak 133x110cm
Sale price1.290 €
Vintage Kilim Barak 150x115cm
Sale price1.150 €
USAK vintage kilim 168x112cm
Sale price550 €
Vintage kilim, Usak 106x84cm
Sale price480 €
Vintage kilim, Esme 147x100cm
Sale price1.290 €



Every Kilim and every rug from Wild Heart Free Soul is unique and hand-woven from high-quality materials. Each piece has been personally selected by us and checked for authenticity and quality, then cleaned in a complex, natural process and then carefully restored with attention to detail.