Vintage kilim

Immerse yourself in the world of vintage Kilim carpets from Anatolia. Handwoven and rich in history, each Kilim brings with it a unique soul and warmth. Let yourself be enchanted by this carefully selected and lovingly restored collection and find your very own treasure.


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AFYON Vintage Kelim 316x216cm
Sale price3.790 €
USAK vintage kilim 242x156cm
Sale price1.790 €
USAK vintage kilim 306x184cm
Sale price2.750 €
USAK vintage kilim 302x180cm
Sale price2.890 €
USAK vintage kilim 277x150cm
Sale price1.890 €
TAVAS vintage kilim 274x180cm
Sale price2.970 €
MUT vintage kilim 321x128cm
Sale price2.370 €
MUT vintage kilim 270x190cm
Sale price2.740 €
MUT vintage kilim 266x163cm
Sale price2.890 €
MUT vintage kilim 253x135cm
Sale price2.890 €
MUT vintage kilim 250x98cm
Sale price1.490 €
MUT vintage kilim 210x140cm
Sale price3.190 €
Save 940 €
MIHALIC vintage kilim 274x172cm MIHALIC vintage kilim 274x172cm
MIHALIC vintage kilim 274x172cm
Sale price950 € Regular price1.890 €
KUTAHYA vintage kilim 246x146cm
Sale price1.890 €
KOZAK vintage kilim 257x78cm
Sale price970 €
IZMIR vintage kilim 277x173cm
Sale price2.790 €
IZMIR vintage kilim 267x177cm
Sale price2.790 €
ESME vintage kilim 319x156cm
Sale price2.670 €
ESME vintage kilim 280x84cm
Sale price970 €



Every Kilim and every rug from Wild Heart Free Soul is unique and hand-woven from high-quality materials. Each piece has been personally selected by us and checked for authenticity and quality, then cleaned in a complex, natural process and then carefully restored with attention to detail.