About Wild Heart Free Soul

Selam! My name is Beyza Nur.
Since many years I am traveling between Berlin and Turkey to connect with my roots, to do research on traditional Anatolian textiles and to understand their ancient symbols. During my travels I am collecting handwoven Vintage kilims, Turkish towels, ceramics, calligraphy art or anything unique and beautiful that comes my way.
My heart beats especially for vintage and antique kilims. I love the touch and smell of their hand spun sheep wool and that they were woven by women who were connected with mother nature and with themselves.
Beyza Nur from Wild Heart Free Soul on her flying kilim on the rug washers field in Antalya, Turkey
Beyza with one of her weavers in Turkey
Beyza and one of her daughters surrounded by Wild Heart Free Soul kilims and kilim cushions
Beyza at work in Turkey
Beyza choosing Vintage textiles during her travels
Beyza and her Vintage kilim collection