Design and craftsmanship are paramount in everything we do. We love the special charm, the stories and the quality of unique, handmade items.

We are constantly looking for new designs that combine beauty and function, and everything we buy is made in a sustainable way using traditional production methods. We believe that a home alive with precious stories and traditional craftsmanship can evoke memories, inspire people and enrich their everyday lives.

We believe in a home that tells many stories and effortlessly enriches our lives with security and beauty. Inspired by travel, our aesthetic is shaped by the timeless beauty of vintage pieces coupled with the elegance of contemporary design and understated sophistication.
We hope that every single Wild Heart Free Soul product will bring warmth and beauty to the modern home for years to come.

"I find beauty in the unusual and imperfect - each handmade piece is unique...each with its own quirks, traces and story. They embody the history and magic of the artists."



As the founder and creative director of Wild Heart Free Soul, Beyza Özler travels Anatolia in search of unique rugs, handpicking them for her inspirational collections. She maintains trusting relationships with her traders, is interested in their stories and supports their traditional craft.

After spending many years traveling for her career in the fashion industry, Beyza's lifelong love of culture and keen eye for art and design led her to found Wild Heart Free Soul.

Her only criteria when selecting each piece is that it is made with love, creating a bond that brings an invisible but tangible dimension of beauty and soul into your home.