18.11. // Finissage Women Behind The Weave

18.11. // Finissage Women Behind The Weave

Review of the exhibition 'Women Behind The Weave: Bauhaus to Bosphorus'

On October 19th we started our vernissage "Women Behind The Weave: Bauhaus to Bosporus". Today I look back on this time with gratitude and would like to express my deepest thanks to all of our visitors. You have filled our showroom with life, joy and valuable conversations that continually remind us why we love our work so much: honoring the art and craft and bringing to life the stories behind every rug.

A special thank you goes to the initiators of the project, Matthew & Dorothy Bourne by Christopher Farr. Your passion and initiative were at the heart of this project. I am equally grateful to our panel guests: Ariel Aloni, who offered an insight into the soul of the Bauhaus with his personal stories about his grandmother Gunta Stölzl, and Reto Aschwanden, whose commitment to fair working conditions in carpet production gave our event a deeper meaning.

However, our greatest thanks go to the talented weavers from Usak. Through their hands, art came to life and we were able to witness their creativity in full bloom. Your unique kilim artworks, which have touched so many hearts in recent weeks, are now ready for purchase. If interested, please visit the Women Behind The Weave gallery and email us at selam@wildheartfreesoul.com with the name of the work. Half of the proceeds go directly to the artists and the other half to a non-profit organization in Usak.

For everyone who has not yet visited our exhibition or would like to experience it again, we are offering one last opportunity this weekend to see, among other things, the "1923" carpet by Gunta Stölzl and other exclusive Bauhaus carpets in our Wild Heart Free Soul showroom. The Kirkit weavers' works will remain with us for a few more weeks before they continue their journey to Paris.

We look forward to seeing you this weekend at the end of the exhibition 'Women Behind The Weave'

With deep gratitude,

Beyza Nur, Wild Heart Free Soul